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we give you challenging flights, besides normal Flights. 

Are you up to a dangerous Approaches, landings & take-offs challenge?

Let us help you succeed and enjoy the challenge & enjoyment of flight. 



We have flights from around the world. More routes & flights are being added daily in Sunair VA. Some flights with dangerous approaches, landings, and take-offs at certain airports. We fly to all parts of the world, not just the famous airports.

  • Bush Flying
  • Float Planes 
  • Commercial Airliners & Cargo Planes
  • International
  • Regional
  • Short, Medium, Long & Extra Long Haul 12+ hours
  • Cargo & Passenger Service 
    • North America
    • Arctic & NWT
    • Caribbean
    • South America
    • Hawaiian Islands
    • Mediterranean
    • Europe
    • Russia
    • Middle East
    • Africa 
    • Asia 
    • Australia
    • Oceanic

Why We Fly? Enjoy a challenge of Flight! 


Snowy 747 take off! Old man winter not stopping us. 

  • Heat, Rain, Sleet, Snow or Ice doesn’t stop our pilots
  • Dangerous Approaches, Landings & Takeoffs 
  • From the sunny Caribbean to the cold Arctic Passenger and Cargo Airline Service provided. 
  • Bringing the world wide service. 


Flying in all types of weather is common for Sunair. 




“So Let’s take off and get you flying. Here we fly too well-known airports. And we challenge and train our pilots for dangerous landings, approaches  & Takeoffs. Are you up for the challenge? From Sunny Beaches to the ICY Arctic to ICY Antarctic cold. Bringing little SunAir Everywhere”


Flight Services

Immediate Future 

Building brand new virtual airline Sunair VA. Hiring Pilots, Staff, Painters and building friends. 

Going Places

Building brand recognization with a good network of good pilots and helping each with training and flying together. 

Explore A New Place

We will be exploring new flights and challenging places to fly together along the way. 

Dangerous Landings  & Take-offs

We will be working with our members so everyone can get proficient with dangerous approaches, landings, and take-offs procedures. 

Fly to the sunny Carribean to Icy Arctic  or  to  the ICy Antarctic 

We have routes connecting the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  We build routes that others don’t do. We look and study the places we go to and make a decision. Many times we just do it. Just request a flight and most likely will be added. 

Our Headquarters @ KATL

KATL – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – We have chosen this airport as we can connect to many airports from Atlanta. And is one of our many hubs, service centers, and storage sites. So don’t worry as we do flights in several places around the world. More flights are being built daily. 

Are you tired of being a number? 

Come join us and help build the future of a friendly group of like-minded pilots and aviation simulation people.  


Going Places

We don’t have to be giant to have the fun of flight. A good core group of pilots sharing ideas of the future. We will be doing events as group fly-ins and flights together. 

Explore our events

We will be doing tours for both individuals and as a group too. With future fly-ins as a group event either on Vatsim or other software.  


Sunair VA is a virtual airline. Sunair VA is a non-profit group that was established solely for the entertainment of the X-Plane 11 & P3D Flight Simulators and other flight simulator software. All Rights Reserved © 2020 Sunair VA




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