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Good Morning Juneau, Alaska 

The retro paint scheme on the Sunair 737-800 BCF

Sunair (Sunair VA – Sunair Virtual Airlines) Came about from the several years of flight and combat simulations and being with several virtual airlines that seem to only hit certain areas of flight simulations. We are looking to expand to include many different types of flying as we have bush flying in different parts of the world. Our many flights are with commercial aircraft of airliners and cargo aircraft. Sometimes it’s nice to mix it up some. As we have floatplanes included flying in Alaska with our some bush plane flights. Later we will expand into other flight operations too. As we build a tour and scenario events for our pilots to enjoy. In our normal flights, we have some hairy and dangerous airports to land and take off at. A list is being built up with information and support for our pilots to enjoy. 

We all know about having some rules or regulations. We have a light approach to our Code of Conduct and SOP. We want our pilots to enjoy flying and fly our colors doing so solo or together at times in events as you are enjoying your flight time. So I started putting as a website together and building some high bright colors of Sunair is Orange and Yellow with the white base plane, our logo is the sun with the jet plane inside. 

So I decided to give it a go, building a website and started building some Sunair aircraft liveries for our selected aircraft. We have many liveries for listed aircraft and more are coming to be uploaded to the Sunair website. 

I base Sunair airline’s flights and routes from several different commercial airlines, bush flying airlines, and cargo companies using various aircraft. Some routes are from my past experience too. We do more point to point operations. With pickup and fly operations for now. If a pilot likes a certain flight or route we will check and do our best to include into our routes and flights. We will adjust our aircraft inventory if available. If you have a favorite plane we may lease at first to make sure a pilot fly the plane a lot. Otherwise, we end the lease agreement. If he likes the aircraft then they will be added to our large Sunair fleet of aircraft we already have. Sunair Fleet Status

As we grow with more pilots we will try to organize a more cargo operations center of dropoff and pickup to help everyone and the airline. Sometimes we open and use cargo centers for some runs and then may close them temporary or sell them off for efficient operations of cargo loads coming and going around the world. 

CEO – Craig Dane II



STAFF Members 

Sunair has more officer slots open and will be filled as we grow. 

Are you up to a challenging flight or do you want to grab a commercial airplane and cruise? Well, you can do both here at Sunair. From Bush flying in our Sunair Kodiak with or without floats, tundra tires, or snow skies. Take off from a dangerous airport and then cruise to somewhere nice in a large wide-body commercial airplane like B747, B777, 767, or a narrow-body B738 and A319LR. Various Turboprops and Jet aircraft in our fleet.

I do various mixed flights of cargo or passenger hauling to bush flying in Alaska to Papua New Guinea and many other places of small airports on mountains and plains. I like the challenge of dangerous approaches, landings, and takeoffs flights too. We have many places to fly too. 

Personally I have several years in aviation background in the Present Military, WW2, Korean, & Vietnam Warbirds, Commerical Airliners & Cargo, and General aviation aircraft. I have more years in aviation then you got fingers and toes to count on. 

I got into combat and flight simulations throughout the early years of Microsoft FSX and Combat simulator and another combat simulator called Aces High.

I used to fly in P3D, I learned that they want you to buy every addon or plugin to P3D. So I made the switch to X-Plane 11 as my main flight simulator. Seems more free airports, planes, plug-ins, and addons developed by the community.

We hope you come join us and want to help build and enjoy Sunair flying worldwide. You don’t have to be #1 in FSA to have fun in flight simulation. Just enjoy yourself flying solo or together at events. We look forward to having you join us.

Take care and see ya in the air! 

CEO – Craig DaneII

Chief Executive Officer

I got into flight simulations by Microsoft FSX and then switched to X-Plane 10 and now X-Plane 11. I like to try to mix up my flight simulations with flights with bush flying at times in Alaska or Papua New Guinea. Then back to some commercial flying. Maybe a dangerous landing or take off. 

I got into aviation when I was younger with my older brother was into aviation and flight simulations when I was growing up. But as he moved on to other games. I stayed with aviation with flight simulations. I still like to enjoy a nice flight to places that I would not see from my work keeps me busy and not able to break away on a vacation isn’t always possible. So flight simulations provide a little bit of sightseeing adventure for me. 

Hope you join us and make Sunair your friendly place to fly. 

COO – William Reid

Chief Operations Officer


Sunair VA is a virtual airline. Sunair VA does not participate in commercial activity of any kind. This non-profit group was established solely for the entertainment of the X-Plane 11 & P3D Flight Simulators and other flight simulator software. All Rights Reserved © 2020 Sunair VA



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