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Flight Safety Officer Desk

(DLT) Dangerous Approaches, Landings, & Takeoffs

Flight Safety is an uttermost concern when flying dangerous approaches, landings, and takeoffs. Sunair wants to make sure our pilots have the most available data and information before you go out and try dangerous approaches, landings, and takeoffs from certain airports worldwide.






BGBW – Narsarsuaq Airport, Greenland – 6,004 FT – RWY 






  • From CYZF – Yellowknife, NWT  – 1827 nm
  • To KATL – Atlanta Intl. Aiport  – 2232nm
  • To TNCM – St Maarten – 2693 nm





NOTE: All Charts here are for Flight Simulation ONLY



Coordinates: N61°9.64′ / W45°25.54′
View all Airports in Kitaa, Greenland.
Elevation is 112.0 feet MSL.
Magnetic Variation is 24° West



Special Information 

  • Airport

Narsarsuaq Airport is ideally situated in southern Greenland for a number of routes between America and Europe. The airport is the only international airport in southern Greenland and the settlement it serves is small, with the airport primarily functioning as a transfer point for passengers heading for the helicopter sites in Qaqortoq and Nanortalik.


  • Runway and Airport  

The airport is hard soil and surrounding valley areas with mountains too next to a bay area. So a flyby if the weather is bad for seeing and locating the runway. 

Concrete and Asphalt runway.  Always go 1 or 2 clicks higher in auto-brakes than normal for icy conditions. FULL auto-brakes may be required. Since short runways and the extra weight of reserve fuel and cargo. 

Caution should be taken not to go off the runway or area airport surfaces. Also, be mindful of the surrounding mountain ranges too.



Runway 07/25
Dimensions: 6004 x 148 feet / 1830 x 45 meters
Surface: Hard – Concrete & Asphalt
  Runway 07 Runway 25
Coordinates: N61°9.26′ / W45°26.21′ N61°10.02′ / W45°24.89′
Elevation: 11 112
Runway Heading: 065° 245°


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