How do I join Sunair VA? 

Sunair operates using the FSAirlines network. Sunair VA – Registration page here (Click), or head over to FSAirlinets.net and sign up.  Don’t forget you must sign up using your real name in accordance with FSAirlines privacy policy. If you aren’t comfortable with using your real name please use a realistic pilot name.  DO NOT use a celebrity name or the name of any famous person throughout history. Also, use the normal way to capitalize on the first initial of First and Last name like in real life.  


What simulator can I use for your va?

FSAirlines supports FSX, P3D, and X-Plane 10/11.   You will need a copy of XPUIPC v2.03.5 | v2.03.8 | v2.0.4.8 for X-Plane 10/11 or a copy of FSUIPC v5 for FSX/P3D. 

XPUIPC –  http://fsacars.com/downloads/xpuipc/index.html

FSUIPC – https://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html


How active do I need to be in order to stay in the va?

Once you sign up and are accepted into the VA you need to fly your first flight within 14 days. After that we expect every pilot to fly at least one flight per month. If you cannot abide by this simple requirement you shouldn’t be signing up for any virtual airline.  This is a pretty standard requirement across most VA’s.


Can I pause the simulator? 

Yes. If you have to step away from the PC you can pause and resume the flight later. Your flight stays active for 72 hours or until completion. You cannot refuel or slew the aircraft around once a flight has begun. The flight will be rejected.


Can I use Time acceleration on a flight?

No. We no longer allow time acceleration as it gives long haul pilots an advantage over other pilots and can be easily exploited to gain hours for ranking purposes.


Can I substitute this airframe for that airframe?

No. Please use the proper aircraft for the flight. If the flight calls for Boeing 767-300 then please use the 300 and not the 200. FSAirlines in most cases will inform you that you have the wrong aircraft loaded for the flight. The weights and balances, cargo capacity, PAX capacity are ALL factored into the revenue of a flight. It is your responsibility to make sure all these numbers line up on your paperwork before each flight. Try to get the weight as close as possible. Some airplanes you need to tweak to get right. 


I crashed the plane…What do I do Now?

File an NTSB report through the company website there is a tab marked NTSB Report. We need to know what happened. Was it a glitch? Did a certain plane screw up? Do you need more practice? These reports help us send out NOTAMS about the performance of certain aircraft and other software in the simulation environment. Until we receive an NTSB report from you, your flight status will be marked as Grounded which means you can’t fly another plane. Repeated crashes of aircraft will get you terminated from service with the airline.


I won’t be able to fly for a while. What do I need to do? 

File a Leave of Absence request by sending a direct message using FSAirlines messaging service to the CEO and Flight Operations Director or Flight Safty Director so we can put you in Grounded status. Pilots who show no activity but are flagged as grounded are safe from being purged from our flight roster. We’ll be here when you get back!


The Plane I fly doesn’t have a Sunair Livery, can we have one? 

Yes provided a livery painter is available. We have many different aircraft in our fleet and it is our intention to have a Sunair livery for each and everyone on both XPlane and P3D/FSX. Just let us know in the Requests channel on Discord what you are looking for and we’ll put it on the TODO list.


We need XXX aircraft in our fleet! Can we have one?

All requests for an airframe addition should be made in the Requests channel on Discord. If there is a good simulation of it available on X-plane 11 or P3D/FDX and we can afford it we will most likely grant it. Please note that wanting ancient planes from a bygone area require special orders which take real-time to complete. We expect them to be flown regularly by the requesting party. We’re not in the habit of buying multi-million dollar old planes so they can collect dust.


I want to fly from XXXX to XXXX but there are no routes! Can we have this route? 

Maybe. This is the simulation of a real-world airline. You cannot go everywhere from everywhere in real life. We do our best to get the most realistic routes possible for the destinations we go too. We also have quality control in place. Some restrictions are if the airport has no good freeware or payware representation of it we tend to reject any route requests to that airport. We have over 1000 routes available that most of our fleets can fly. More routes are being added too here in the future. That’s a good amount to keep any pilot busy.  All requests for routes to be added should be done so via the Request channel on our Discord.


When are pilot promotions given out? 

Pilot records are reviewed on Monday and Tuesday to see which pilots are up for promotion.  You will be informed via FSAirlines if you are promoted. We tend to review our pilot’s records for manual promotion too. 


How do I get promoted? 

Your promotion is based upon the number of hours flown and your landing rating and whether or not you are in good standing with the community. So fly it, land it well, and don’t be a jerk or butt-crust to your fellow pilots!



Sunair VA is a virtual airline. Sunair VA is a non-profit group that was established solely for the entertainment of the X-Plane 11 & P3D Flight Simulators and other flight simulator software. All Rights Reserved © 2020 Sunair VA