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Here at Sunair VA, we do things a little differently than most virtual airlines




How some of our day to day operations works: 

  • You will start out a Second Officer and should know the basics of flying as you are in charge of expensive aircraft and should know how to properly fly them. As crashes will cost the airline money for repair or replacement of aircraft along with several days of maintenance of the repairing of the aircraft to operational status. 
  •  No pilot type rating for experience pilots for aircraft in FSA, you should know how to fly the plane. You have chosen the right cargo load and fuel planned for your flight. We advise Simbrief is a FREE flight planning tool for all flights and always adds little more fuel for ground and holding maneuvers with the wind, weather conditions to overseas crossing too. We would rather see an exceeded landing weight in the flight log then you crashing or diverting the flight. 
  • Yes, you can have that flight/route. We will look and see if the route will be able to add to our routes and is viable in the future. Most likely be added
  • Training on specialty needs of approach landing and take-off to really help our pilots for dangerous landings & takeoffs, one on one training.
  • No Vatsim rating for a specific aircraft, just enjoy flying and learning. We may do some Vatsim rating if a pilot wants at a later time and date.
  • No number, jerk, or butt-crust syndrome like some virtual airlines. A person gets into an officer position and goes on a high horse campaign. 
  •  Some pilots may hold the official position on temporary bases to make sure they are a good fit before being official Sunair VA officer. 
  • Presently Sunair doesn’t have hub officers, we will utilize our officers little more as we are building for the future. 
    • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Craig DaneII
    • Chief Operations Officer (COO) – William Reid
    • Chief Flight Safety Officer (CFS) – Open
    • Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) – Open
  • These senior pilots and officers will make the day to day operations be as smooth as they can and keep you in the air and answer your questions. 
  • Utilize our website, forums, and discord for day to day operations so make sure your join and check-in. At times there may be cargo movement in the cargo channel of discord showing freight packages needed to be pickup to complete the rest of the delivery. As freight sitting in storage cost Sunair VA money. And will see this in the finances section of the airline. 
  • Compiling a list of Dangerous Approaches, Landings, & Takeoff list will be posted with charts and information for our pilot’s use. 
  • Scenarios and Tours will be posted for your enjoyment too. 

Our Pilots ranking system matches (FSA) FSAirlines points system  

Plus we also do manual records checking on Mondays and Tuesdays. Some pilots will get promoted earlier because of their records. And being active in the Sunair VA. Like being active on the website, forums, and Discord text and voice. Doing some scenarios, tours, and fly-ins. We want you to enjoy flying with us. 

  • 0 – 10 Second Officer
  • 10 – 25 First Officer
  • 25 – 50 Captain
  • 50 – 100 Flight Captain
  • 100 – 500 Senior Captian 
  • 500+ Senior Flight Captain 



Some Helpful Links to help prepare your flights. 


Sunair Helping you truly fly the world 




NOTE: UTC is the same a Zulu. UTC 0000 is the same 2400 Zulu.  

Zulu is used more for a military time and 24hr clock from the early days of WW1 and WW2. For Armies to coordinated from different countries. AM is like normal 12 hr clock time after Lunchtime goes to adding 1200 to the PM times for the 24 hr. So subtract -1200 to get normal 12 hour time clock.

(Example: 1800 hrs 24hr clock = 1800 – 1200 = 600 / 6:00 PM 12 hr clock time.)





FAA – Links 

Pilots Helpful Manual – AIM



quick way to help you with Vatsim or real ATC.

Download or Build one in Notepad

write on your flight plan

Done by instructor pilots teaching and still used by older pilots too. This little method to the ATC madness can help get your mind in an organized thought process quickly. 





VATSIM  – Quick References from the website : 


ATC – Controllers  Information

C4 – VATSIM recognizes the following suffixes for air traffic control positions. A member shall only use the corresponding facility type when connecting.

a. DEL – (Clearance) Delivery

b. GND – Ground Control

c. TWR – Tower Control

d. DEP – Departure Control

e. APP – Approach Control

f. CTR – Enroute (Centre) Control

g. FSS – Flight Service Station


C8 – Controllers shall set an appropriate visibility range for their position. The maximum ranges for a given position are as follows:

Observers: 300 Nautical Miles

Clearance Delivery:20 Nautical Miles

Ground Control:20 Nautical Miles

Tower Control:50 Nautical Miles

Approach Control:150 Nautical Miles

Departure Control:150 Nautical Miles

Enroute (Center) Control:600 Nautical Miles

FSS Control: 1500 Nautical Miles

Controllers shall not set visibility ranges higher than the maximum ranges set forth above unless they have prior written approval from the VATSIM.net Board of Governors, or the Executive Committee.


Click on  each  link below by bullets: 


Handy Plug-ins for X-Plane 11 and P3D

These plug-ins are needed FSAirlines to connect to your flight simulator. Install these first in the right folder before installing FSA Flight Tracker software. 


Click all below:

    • Tracking of our Flights & Cargo 

Use the Beta version of FSA Flight Tracker as you first open OPTIONS up need to switch the Aircraft Fueling method to READ ONLY. As this adds in not messing up your fuel loading. You can also checkmark the automatic login so you don’t have to type your ID and Password every time. Leave the flight monitoring on as this how we track your flights and you get credit for promotions too. Then click SAVE Changes button  


Flight Planning



    • Gives fuel load, winds, runways reports, and navigational airways and waypoints for FMS programming. And flight time with Vatsim quick file a flight plan and aircraft quick load to FMS with nav data to import. 



Weather  | Altimeter  | METAR


  • Windy.com
    • Check the winds in your departing and arriving airports or the world. 

NAvigational CHARTS 


    • Moving map for tracking your plane and integrated Jeppsen charts onto navigational map too. 
    • Navigraph can also build you a route for FMS, but it’s easier to just copy and paste the Simbrief flight planner route into Navigraph. Simbrief makes it easy to get the right fuel loadout and flight planned route with cost of index and winds too for FMS systems. But Navigraph can get you auto-routing safely but you still need to get a fuel loadout. But sometimes handy for small aircraft and small airports. Just use the fuel planner for fuel load out on small planes. 



Small Airport and aircraft help 


    • Works well for fueling load out on small aircraft with a small airport to airport GPS. 




Vatsim Network tutorial videos 


ATC – Controllers  Information


Come Join Us and let’s start flying with SUNair VA!


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